Ride Information For The Cherohala Skyway

Cherohala Skyway Overlooks & Mountain Views


Tennessee Side Overlooks

Tellico River – 950 ft
Osterneck Creek – 1045 ft
Turkey Creek – 2630 ft
Lake View – 3360 ft
Brushy Ridge – 3750 ft
West rattlesnake Rock – 4000 ft
East Rattlesnake Rock – 4110 ft
Unicoi Crest – 4470 ft

North Carolina Side Overlooks

Stratton Ridge – 4420 ft
Mud Gap – 4480 ft
Whigg Cove – 4570 ft
Haw Knob – 4890 ft
Santeetlah – 5490 ft
Hooper Bald – 5290 ft
Huckleberry 5300 ft
Spirit Ridge – 4960 ft
Wright Cove – 4150 ft
Obadiah – 3740 ft
Shute Cove – 3550 ft
Hooper Cove – 3100 ft
Santeetlah Gap – 2660 ft


Cherohala Skyway Highlights

Santeetlah Gap (Mile 0) — junction with Kilmer Road, which accesses Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

Hooper Cove (Mile 2) — picnic area

Shute Cove (Mile 3) — picnic area

Huckleberry Knob (Mile 9) — short trail to the summit of Huckleberry Knob (el. 5,560 ft)

Hooper Bald (Mile 10) — short trail to the summit of Hooper Bald (el. 5,429 ft)

Santeetlah Overlook (Mile 11) — 5,390-foot (1,640 m) view of the upper Santeetlah Creek watershed

Big Junction Overlook (Mile 12) — View south from the 5,235-foot (1,596 m) gap between Haw Knob and Big Junction

Stratton Ridge (Mile 16) — picnic area; Benton MacKaye Trail access

Cherohala Skyway Welcome Plaza (Mile 17) — picnic area; connection to Forest Service Roads 81/Old Santeetlah Road and 217/North River Road

Unicoi Crest (Mile 18) — Tennessee-North Carolina state line, view of the Tellico River valley

Falls Branch Falls Trail (Mile 21) — short trail through a patch of old growth forest to a 55-foot (17 m) cascade waterfall

Lake View Overlook (Mile 25)

Turkey Creek Overlook (Mile 27)

Forest Service Road 345/Indian Boundary Road (Mile 29) to Indian Boundary Lake campground

Forest Service Road 210/River Road (Mile 39) to Tellico District Ranger Station and Bald River Falls

Cherohala Skyway Visitor Center and Charles Hall Museum (Mile 43)

Directions to The Cherohala Skyway

From Asheville, NC to Cherohala Skyway:
Follow US 74 west for approximately 70 miles, and then turn north onto US 129. Take US 129 to Robbinsville, NC. Merge onto NC-143. Follow NC-143 for 12 miles to the beginning of the Cherohala Skyway at Santeetlah Gap.

From Knoxville, TN to Cherohala Skyway:
Take I-75 southwest to Sweetwater. Get on TN-68 and go south-west to Tellico Plains. Take TN-165 through Tellico Plains to where the byway begins.

From Chattanooga, TN to Cherohala Skyway:
Take I-24 east to I-75. Follow I-75 northeast to Sweetwater. Get on TN-68 and go southeast to Tellico Plains.   Take TN-165 through Tellico Plains to where the byway begins.

Scenic drive from I-75, Cleveland Exit #20
Take Cleveland Exit #20 from I-75 and follow Hwy. 64 E along the Ocoee River and the Ocoee Scenic Byway to Copperhill. Take Hwy. 68 N through Coker Creek and on to Tellico Plains.